February 5-Ancient Stories

Limberpine bark, San Gabriel Mountains, CA Sony RX100-MKII: 10mm : shutter 1/50 : aperture f/8: ISO 200 Wandering through forests of limberpine, I found a younger tree that hadn’t yet shed its bark. The patterns in this bark are lovely. I wonder the stories they hold of storms this tree has weathered.    

February 3-Reach

Timber Mountain, San Gabriel Mountains, CA Sony RX100-MKII: 10mm : shutter 1/400 : aperture f/8: ISO 200 The trail up to Timber Mountain winds through hardy limberpine reaching to the blue skies.

January 15-Hang A Right

Verdugo Mountains, Los Angeles Nikon D600 : 10mm : shutter 1/100 : aperture f/13: ISO 100 One of the lenses I used a lot on my old D60 was the Tamron 10-24mm wide angle zoom. I have better quality lenses, but there is something about ultra wide angle I really like. Other than a quick…

January 7-Two Cedars

Two Cedars, Los Angeles Nikon D600 : 50mm : shutter 1/2000 : aperture f/8: ISO 800 There is so much I want to accomplish this year with my photography and already the time seems to fly by so quickly.  Adding a Golden Retriever puppy to our family hasn’t exactly been a great thing for my…